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Battlefield 5 download available in 2016

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Battlefield is one of the most popular FPS game series. This game is having many sequels and with each of its new series, it gets better and amazing. Now Battlefield 5 came into news and the game is all set to come next year. But a release date and other required information is not yet revealed. The game offers a realistic battle ground, great weapons and competitive gameplay. The game debut for the first time in year 2002 and after that there are many series released. The game offers an open platform for many players to play a single and multiplayer map. You can also team up with other players and play a more competitive level. The most recent version of this game series is Battlefield Hardline. It was released on March 17, 2015 on different platforms. The game also got some new updates recently.

Battlefield 5 Screenshot
Battlefield 5 Screenshot

The last version of Battlefield brings up enhanced graphics and more comprehensive battle game platform. So this would be quite amazing to find what the new Battlefield 5 will be bringing for the players. This is one of the most popular game titles and so the expectation from the same is also high.  Battlefield Hardline was released on PC and consoles as well. We had seen today that it is very common that many games are only coming on consoles. Developers are ignoring PC platforms due to piracy issues. That is going to put a huge impact on the game title in coming time as many of them will be console exclusive.