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Battlefield 4 “Winter Patch” to launch in March 2015

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DICE continues to develop new content for the shooter game Battlefield 4 and now for the first time reveals some details about it. So the developers want to create a “Community Map” together with players in the Community Test Environment manager and also publish a “winter-patch” in March.

The developers at DICE promised some time ago that there will be more content for Battlefield 4 even after the “Final Stand” DLC. A new contribution of Battlelog now reveals the first details on the plans. The new content will be published “in a slightly different way,” because DICE exactly wants to listen to player feedback. “Expected game updates and tweaks and stuff like an arms-pack – but also one or two larger content packages” could be made available.

About the Community Test Environment (CTE), the developers want to design a multiplayer level along with the premium members among the players. The tests in the CTE and the feedback from the players will determine the final version of the level while DICE will publish details of the work on the map. The final map will then be offered as a “Community Map” free to all players on all platforms.

By March 2015, the developers also plan the publication of the “Winter patches” that will take care of the fine-tuning of the network code and the collision detection. Additionally, this update will modify the Game Mode Squad obliteration to be with an emphasis on fast action and teamwork to the leading competitive mode in Battlefield 4. In Squad obliteration fight two teams of five players will take control of a bomb, then destroy two out of three enemy bases with these bombs to win the match. Both for the players as well as spectators should be entertained, according to DICE in this mode.

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