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Battlefield 4 Final Stand will be free to Xbox Live Gold members this week

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Final Stand, the fifth DLC published for Battlefield 4 will be available for free to Xbox Live Gold members this Wednesday, May 18, according to a listing on the Xbox One Community Calendar application.

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These last few weeks have been important for the Battlefield license, especially the announcement of Battlefield 1. However, it has been not less important for fans of the franchise, as they have proven to be given different promotions that have free access to a number of contents of Battlefield 4. In fact, with today’s news, all additional content that Battlefield first saw the exit on Xbox One will be freely available.

And it has been observed in an image published at imgur, where Final Stand will be available for free this May 18 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. A couple of weeks in the Offers with Gold, it was observed that the premium subscription of Battlefield 4 is offered for free and discovered different map packs with each passing day. It seems that DICE has decided to stop access to all the contents of Battlefield 4, as a possible claim for Battlefield community.

Battlefield 4 was not a lucky start and Battlefield Hardline did not please fans of the series, but with the future arrival of Battlefield 1, it might be observed that this initiative of free content seeks to remind fans that Battlefield is very much alive.

We will have to wait a couple of days, as it will be on May 18, the day Final Stand of Battlefield 4 will be available for free for Gold members. Battlefield 4 seems to rise again, everything is happening to encourage the arrival of Battlefield 1.