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Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC coming this fall

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Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC is the next thing coming out for this popular fps game. This is a new community map which will be coming up soon in the form of DLC. The map looks pretty nice. You can check out the same in the video below.

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Pics
Battlefield 4 Community Operations Pics

Battlefield community helps players around the world to provide their own unique content that is later on approved by the developers and shared. This new map will offer many new challenges and impressive ground to begin with.

The name of this new map is Operation Outbreak. The map takes you to a jungle where you will be competing with others. There are also some places that can be used to take cover. Like a medical research lab, a temple and valleis. The map also lets you a lot of infantry in the game with vehicles like boats, bikes, etc. Checkout the video below:

Battlefield 4 Features:

Battlefield 4 is built from the ground up to provide a great experience to both competitive gamers and spectators. Three game modes in particular are especially suited for smaller teams to play on: the fast-paced Squad Obliteration, the frantic Domination and the highly tactical Defuse mode, where even the slightest error has dire consequences. Our new Spectator Mode is also key to making Battlefield 4 a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive gaming. Spectator Mode will bring great viewing, streaming, and video-making opportunities. Read on to learn more about these new features.