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Rumor: Battlefield 2018 Could Be Called As Bad Company 3


Although there is still no official revelation, Electronic Arts repeatedly mentioned that a new Battlefield is under development and could arrive next year. Now, new rumors have emerged, pointing out that the iteration could be called as Bad Company 3.

The information was revealed by AlmightyDaq, an insider who leaked important details about Battlefield 1 last year. According to the informant, the next title will be Battlefield: Bad Company 3, and it will have a campaign located in the middle and after the Vietnam War. The game will not include the Cold War conflict, as it will not be historically accurate.

Regarding the multiplayer, AlmightyDaq mentioned that Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Capture of Flag, among others will be back. On the stages, the insider commented that they will be similar to Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 maps, setting emblematic maps such as Oasis, Gran Bazar and Harvest Day.

Also, there will be weapons of the Cold War available in the game, with many possibilities of customization as in Battlefield 4. Soldiers and vehicles will also be customizable.

Regarding the vehicles, there will be new versions of tanks and helicopters, looking for similarities with Battlefield 4. The traditional classes will also be back, so it will be possible to choose between assault, engineer, support, and shooter.

Regarding the gameplay, the leak suggests that DICE is aiming at a more frenetic pace compared to Battlefield 1. It is also expected that the game requires greater skill for both infantry and vehicles.

The most controversial issue is microtransactions. AlmightyDaq noted that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 could bring back the Battlepacks of Battlefield 4. However, perhaps EA and DICE are rethinking about this idea after the controversy of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The truth is that, while Battlefront II is a Star Wars license, Battlefield is EA, so they could include microtransactions to their liking.

Finally, AlmightyDaq said the game could be announced at E3 2018. The insider added that he has accurate information about weapons and vehicles that he will share later.

At the moment, EA has not confirmed this information, so we must take it for what it is: a simple rumor. The only certain thing is that DICE is preparing a new Battlefield game that will be visually dazzling and that will debut next fiscal year.

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