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Rumor: Battlefield 2018 Could Be Battlefield Bad Company 3


We know that DICE and Electronic Arts will present the new Battlefield at the EA Play event in June: according to some rumors, the title in question would be Battlefield 2018 but other voices would actually present the presentation of Battlefield Bad Company 3.

According to what was reported by Battlefield Russia, the game in question would be Bad Company 3, Battlefield 2018 would instead be a codename to avoid immediately revealing the true origin of the project. Abbas Alrubaie (a DICE developer) wrote on his Twitter profile, Battlefield V and Battlefield: Bad Company 3 are actually the same title!

The rumor was spread by an alleged employee of DICE, apparently also followed by the official account of Battlefield, however, the message has been removed and the membership of the insider to the development team appears in doubt.

At the moment the situation is not clear, but according to the rumors, Battlefield V would be set during the Second World War, a setting that could still be associated with Bad Company 3, the previous episodes of the series featured missions set in this historical period, also Bad Company 2 it also hosted the Vietnam expansion.

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We just have to wait for the EA Play event on June 9th to learn more, a Battlefield 2018 teaser could be shown a few weeks before the show, we will update you in case of concrete news.

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What do you think about it? Would you like to play a new Bad Company? Tell us in the comments below.


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