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Battlefield 1 will have Spectator Mode and Screenshot Tools

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Battlefield 1, the expected first-person shooter of World War 1, will have a spectator mode and screenshot tools. Best of all is that EA announced in a blog post, this will not be exclusive to PC users as it also will be available in the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Battlefield 1

To demonstrate the potential for spectator mode and screenshot tools for creating videos and more content that captures the brutality of war, EA allowed Berduu, artist of screenshots, to have advance access to them. So in the blog, Berduu shared his experience with them:

“To start capturing your own cinematic shots, just join a match as Spectator. Once in-game, you can follow individual soldiers and vehicles using the Director Camera. In this mode, the camera will be locked on to the player’s movement, but you still have total control over its positioning. Explore the camera options to change its behavior,” said Berduu.

The Screenshot tools include options such as changing the field of view and depth of field. There are also several filters that you can apply and adjust their intensity to catch your look just how you want.

In related information, DICE released a new cinematic of Battlefield 1 that gives us a look at the single player mode, which will have several campaigns. On the other hand, EA and Microsoft decided that it was time to show one video of the Xbox One S bundles of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 will reach the above mentioned platforms on 21 October.

Here we present a video where Berduu shows what could be done with the screenshot tool of Battlefield 1 on Xbox One: