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Battlefield 1 will allow you to rent your own servers through EA

Electronic Arts has said that it will offer a program of rent for the servers of Battlefiled 1, with which it is possible to customize the online gaming experience.

In a recent publication, the company explained that this service will allow players to control server name, map rotation, game mode, various configurations of gameplay and more.

The program will begin shortly after the release of the game, and will be available in Battlefield 1 store. This will also result in better support for users, because EA can directly address their needs.

It should be noted that at first the game modes will be limited, but the company plans to add more options and improved interface design during 2016.

Also, in recent news, Electronic Arts and DICE released a new trailer for the campaign of Battlefield 1, this time to show the battle between Italy and Austria.

Through Facebook, the studio showed a video where we can see the Italian protagonist, who uses a armor and a minigun to face several enemies.

The campaign of Battlefield 1 shows 5 players, each with their respective history. Previously DICE released a small step to make known the power of the Ottoman Empire.

Battlefield 1 will debut on October 21 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the video shown below:

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