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Battlefield 1 Update With Dolby Vision HDR Support Download Available Now

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After introducing support to the HDR10 format with a previous update, Battlefield 1 is going to be updated to be compatible with the Dolby Vision HDR standard. Thanks to this, all owners of a TV compatible with this standard will enjoy the HDR gaming experience.

The update for Battlefield also affects other aspects of the game, like the chance – even for those who do not have the Season Pass – to access the Neville Nights map.

We also find several bug fixes and the game interface renewal, along with a new system called Active Campaign, which allows you to recognize on what campaigns you can enter, showing information such as the remaining time, the cumulative score reached, and what you need to do to unlock the rewards.

Completing the campaign will allow you to get a battlepack containing additional weapons and perks. In addition, the update improves aspects of progression, server stability, and maps. Unfortunately, Xbox One X improvements have not been introduced, which could nevertheless come later.

The new Battlefield 1 update is now available for download on all platforms supported, namely PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Check the Patch Notes at this link and General Notes below:

1. When deploying on a squadmate and the squadmate dies while the camera is transitioning, the deploy will now be canceled and the player will return to deploy screen.
2. When deploying directly into gas the gasmask will now automatically activate.
3. When deploying directly into the air the parachute will now automatically activate.
4. Fixed an intermittent issue where players could become invisible.
5. Reduced the camera shake when taking damage.
6. Addressed an issue that caused servers to reset when playing Operations, resulting in players returning to the frontend with a “Server is under maintenance” message.
7. Fixed an issue that prohibited players from spawning with various weapons and vehicles in pre-round.
8. Fixed an issue where a Squad Leader promotion countdown occurred at the end of round screens.
9. Fixed an issue that reset Vsync refresh rates to the desktop refresh rate.