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Battlefield 1 Prices of Private Servers Revealed

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Through the official forums of Battlefield, Jeff Braddock, community leader of the FPS of DICE, shared more details on private servers for Battlefield 1. Thanks to that, finally we now know how much it will cost to rent the servers that is provided by Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 1

As we had already informed some time back, the cost of the servers depend on the duration of the income and if you’re playing on the PlayStation/Xbox One or PC. Below we have presented the prices shared by Braddock:

1 day – $2.99 USD
7 days – $11.99 USD
30 days – $42.99 USD
90 days – $99.99 USD
180 days – $149.99 USD

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
1 day – $1.99 USD
7 days – $7.99 USD
30 days – $26.99 USD
90 days – $64.99 USD
180 days – $99.99 USD

By renting a server of Battlefield 1 you will have control of gameplay options, plus you can select the maps that will be available. This lets you create items that are just like you and your friends want.

Among the options that we can adjust in the private servers we will find the weapons, maps, game modes and even the damage caused by bullets and the number of existing tickets. When they will share more details about the options available in private servers we will let you know.

The Private Server will hit Battlefield 1 before the end of November. Remember that in this release, Electronic Arts will be responsible for providing servers to players.

Battlefield 1 will make its official debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 21 October, although owners of Enlister Edition can already play the game.