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Battlefield 1 Open Beta File Size is 6.2 GB on Xbox One: Report

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Just before the release of the Open Beta of Battlefield 1, a site created by fans called Battlefield Bulletin reported that they had access to various information of the trial period, thanks to the Xbox Store.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Release Date on Xbox One

In recent days the information about the Beta of Battlefield 1 are becoming insistent. Today we discovered the size of the beta file that will be required for the installation on Xbox One.

Thus, although it is not yet available for download, fans discovered that the game in its Beta version will occupy a space of 6.2 GB on your Xbox One; so if you want to be ready for the beta when it arrives, you should take care of this precautions.

Interestingly, this product page is not available in all Xbox One systems, nor has any information about it appeared on PlayStation Store, or Origin.

For its part, the Beta will be fully open to all players from August 31 while some players will have predesignated access a little earlier. EA had previously reported, in fact, that the title of the next beta of DICE, whose premium pass has been recently presented, would be available as of the date of 31 August, but the recent screen on the page of the game on Xbox Store reports the date of 30 August, thus leaving us to think that the same will come with 24 hours in advance on the Microsoft console compared to other platforms.

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Battlefield 1 will arrive on October 21 this year, both on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as on PC.

Recall that Lars Gustavsson, director of design at DICE, at the Gamescom 2016 explained how the studio approached to the destruction of the scenarios that has changed with the development of Battlefield 1.