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Battlefield 1 Open Beta ends on September 8, new updates available now

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Yesterday afternoon, Electroinc Arts reported that the Open Beta of Battlefield 1 ends on Thursday, September 8; however, it did not say the exact time.

Battlefield 1

The company also revealed that, today, the game will receive a patch that will disable the round timer in the Conquest Mode, while Rush mode will remain the same.

This phase of testing began on August 30 for members of Battlefield Insiders program and one day later opened to the general public.

For some reason, until today, EA would not share the ending date for the Beta of Battlefield 1 but in any case, it is good to know that we still enjoy the game a couple of days ahead.

In related news, through the official Twitter account of Battlefield, EA and DICE have announced the arrival of an update for the open beta of Battlefield 1.

The update will serve, as well as to correct some of the most reported bugs, to balance the best gameplay of the title. It was also confirmed that developers are working to improve stability and security of servers that over the past few days have given quite a headache.

Recall that the beta of Battlefield 1 will be playable until September 8, 2016.