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Battlefield 1 New Teaser Trailer Shows Anti-Tank Dynamite

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As we already know, we are missing only a few hours for the release of Battlefield 1 and you’re probably excited. Well, maybe you will get excited a little more, because EA revealed a small teaser trailer of what you’ll see tomorrow, June 12.

Battlefield 1 Screenshot

Today, Electronic Arts has put a short Battlefield teaser trailer online. This is a foretaste of more gameplay footage we will soon see in E3. Through the official Twitter account of Battlefield, EA showed a small teaser trailer of Battlefield 1, in which it is possible to observe a tank and a soldier fighting in the First World War.

Battlefield 1 teaser trailer shows only 15 seconds of video. But at the time we get to see some in-game footage as well. It is a tank and soldiers running toward each other from the trenches to take up the fight. Remember that the rest of the video will be available on June 12 in EA Play, an event that is part of E3 2016 and will air at 2 PM PT.

Battlefield 1 is set at the time of the First World War. This brings lots of new features along with it. So you will be more close combat fighting against each other, for example in the trenches. Also hand to hand combat plays a larger role. In addition, you’ll travel along the different battlefields of France to the Alps and the Middle East.

During EA Play, you will see in action multiplayer of Battlefield 1 upto 64 players simultaneously. Here’s another teaser of Battlefield 1, if you want to see more:

Battlefield 1 will debut on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.