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Battlefield 1 Full Achievements List Leaked

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After revealing the list of campaign missions of Battlefield 1 which will only have 6 single-player missions, the redditor “txt231” has also revealed the alleged list of trophies and unlockable objectives of the new game from DICE, officially announced on May 6th 2016.

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The source claims to have got hold of a copy for developers and it will be possible to have a look at the trophies and objectives of the game, published on this address and below. In all likelihood the common list is not complete and it cannot excluded that the list can be updated or completely changed before launch.

Recall that Battlefield 1 will be available from October 21 for different platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Check out the Battlefield 1 Full Achievements List below (spoilers alert):

Play the ObjectiveAs a Squad Leader, complete 1 objective in multiplayer
All challengesComplete all challenges
All code booksFind all code books
Assult EnlistmentComplete all Assult Missions in multiplayer
Medic EnlistmentComplete all Medic Missions in multiplayer
Scout EnlistmentComplete all Scout Missions in multiplayer
Support EnlistmentComplete all Support Missions in multiplayer
DecoratedRecieve a Medal in multiplayer
Episode 1, 100%Unlock all codex entries in Friends in high places
Episode 2, 100%Unlock all codex entries in Nothing is written
Episode 3, 100%Unlock all codex entries in Through mud and blood
Episode 4, 100%Unlock all codex entries in Avanti Savoia!
Episode 5, 100%Unlock all codex entries in The Runner
Episode 6, 100%Unlock all codex entries in Epilogue
Skill event 4Skill event 4
Skill event 5Skill event 5
CorporalReach Rank 10 in multiplayer
Counter-sniperUsing a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Recon player in multiplayer
Episode 1Complete Friends in high places
Episode 2Complete Nothing is written
Episode 3Complete Through mud and blood
Episode 4Complete Avanti Savoia!
Episode 5Complete The Runner
Episode 6Complete Epilogue
One challengeComplete one challenge
One code bookFind one code book
OperationsWin 1 Operation in multiplayer
Skill event 1Skill event 1
Skill event 2Skill event 2
Skill event 3Skill event 3
War BondsPurchase a primary weapon in multiplayer
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