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Battlefield 1 First artwork of upcoming French DLC Leaked (Update)

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Update: The first paid DLC of Battlefield 1, entitled They Shall Not Pass, will be launched during the month of March next year. It will introduce two new playable factions, the French and the Russian.

Original: AllGamesDelta has published the first artwork of the DLC of Battlefield 1 set in France. The image shows a narrow corridor with French flags torn and soldiers intent on fighting.

The Twitter profile of AllGamesDelta has published an image that shows the first official artwork tied to the first DLC for Battlefield 1, set in France.

The setting is located in a street or a very narrow tunnel, where we can see at bottom a destroyed gate and flames. According to the artwork respectively, in the top corners of the left and right, there are French flags torned, while in the foreground we find the soldiers intent to fight with the enemies. Also we can see several bodies on the ground, lifeless.

Unfortunately at the moment we do not know more about this additional content, and we do not know if the artwork leaked is merely a concept or final image that will be used in the promotional material of the DLC.

Recall that Battlefield 1 has recently been updated with the new map of Giant’s Shadow and the Spectator Mode, the free update is available for download on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.