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Battlefield 1 could get a Zombie Mode in latest update

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Some recently leaked clues seem to suggest the arrival of a Zombie mode in Battlefield 1. The rumor comes from the discovery of a medal (called “A Beginning”), which portrays the death, but there’s more, because other rumors are coming from the content of the first DLC, They Shall Not Pass.

A video captured by a Battlefield 1 player has left open some glimmers about the arrival of a zombie mode for the new title of DICE. What makes us “plausible” that in the video there are some gruesome cries from the other side of a wall.

In particular, the map of Fort Vaux is a well-closed room (the door you can read the word “isolation”) from which ferocious yells were coming associated with laments of monstrous creatures.

The voices, clearly not human, perhaps belonging to zombies, may indicate a future expansion of Battlefield 1 dedicated to the undead.

According to some theories, these addresses would be strongly related to a not yet announced Zombie mode, which could make its appearance in Battlefield 1 with an upcoming DLC.

Therefore it is quite possible that Electronic Arts is planning a Zombie mode, going to compete again with Call of Duty from Activision which for years has to do with the undead?

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