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Battleborn – E3 2015 Gameplay Demo Video

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Battleborn was announced in E3 2015 and now a gameplay demo video is out that tells us a lot about the game. There is a whole 23min clip that explains the entire game and also about its features. This game will not be coming soon. As per the video the game is quite challenging with an open world and to deal with various enemies, futuristic weapons and a bit of magic also. This is going to come on PC and consoles.

Battleborn Pics
Battleborn Pics

Battleborn also has a multilayer online mode where you get an open platform to compete with gamers around the globe. This would be enough for anyone to find what the game has for gamers. The game mechanism looks very effective with good graphics and a futuristic environment for everyone. The video shows some mission where players can play in the co-op mode.

At a time, a team of 5 people can play together a mission. It is even possible to play the mission alone. The game also has story mission that will offer more interesting gameplay. Battleborn brings 5 different heroes. These heroes are on a mission to close a portal so that enemies cannot enter their system. The gameplay video below is actually a part of the mission that will be included in the game. So if you are planning to buy Battleborn in future then you must have a look on the entire gameplay mission. The game release date is not yet declared. The game developer will release the game on PC, Xbox One and PS4.