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Battalion 1944, a new World War 2 Shooter announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Battalion 1944, a new shooter set in the period of World War II, was announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Battalion 1944 Screenshot
Battalion 1944 Screenshot

Developed by Bulkhead Interactive, the game aims to create an online experience similar to the glorious days of the first Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. More specifically, Battalion 1944 seems to be the Second World War shooter of this generation, where the ability prevails above all.

“We’re stripping out unbalanced unlocks, over-powered abilities, just to try and reinstate the fun and the skill of the game,” says executive producer, Joe Brammer. Despite the removal of unlockable common items in modern games, players will also be able to unlock some customization options, ranging from gun engraving, clan insignias, and different uniforms.

Battalion 1944 also have inspired locations in the real world, including the streets of Carentan, France, and the forests of Bastogne, Belgium. The game will also have multiple seasons by means of a system called Battlerank – global competition system of the bulkhead.

Every season, players can take part in events to earn cosmetic/visual rewards for your character, weapons and accessories (and none of these things have an impact on gameplay).

“At Bulkhead Interactive, we’ve all grown up playing classic shooters like COD2 and Medal of Honor,” says Brammer. “It’s been a decade since we last saw a great WW2 First Person Shooter and I think the genre’s resurgence is long overdue. We’re focusing on community driven development. We want to work with passionate community of players who have a strong connection to the genre like we do.”

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This very day also marks the launch of the crowdfunding campaign of Battalion 1944 in the Kickstarter.

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