BATMAN – The Telltale Series to Premiere this Summer, The Walking Dead 3 this Fall

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Telltale Games has announced that its new episodic game centered to Batman is finally called as Batman – The Telltale Series. Seizing the opportunity, the company has once again confirmed that its release will take place this summer. Moreover, the studio also wanted to comment that the third season of The Walking Dead is scheduled for launch this autumn.

Batman: The Telltale Series Screenshot

The new Batman game from Telltale got a release date and a title. Simply called as BATMAN – The Telltale Series, its release is scheduled for a premiere in the summer and also coming to E3. An exact release date for the game is not yet, but the game will be shown at E3. BATMAN – The Telltale Series release this summer means that the first episode of the new game is just going to happen.

With a Tweet made by Job J. Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications, the news is known. The developer, this year will release at least two episodes of different games. Besides BATMAN – The Telltale series release, the developer also confirmed the output of the third season of its episodic The Walking Dead games that is scheduled for launch this fall.

So far we know practically nothing of either series, but the studio confirms that the titles will have a much improved graphics engine compared to that seen in previous productions.

Hopefully next week, during the week of E3 2016 to be held in Los Angeles, the playability of the title of the Dark Knight will be displayed for the first time. In addition, there is also a LEGO Batman movie in the pipeline and we’ll see Batman probably also reflecting in Suicide Squad.