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Batman: Arkham VR gameplay length is only 2.5 hours

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Ever since the first days, in which one talks about VR games, one of this is rather short, but has very intense experiences in prospect. Same is in the case of Batman: Arkham VR, as the title will be only two and a half hours long to see everything in the game.


Virtual reality games can be very intensive, but also have a very tiring experience. Therefore, it is like most projects likely to have very short experiences. Even in the case of Batman: Arkham VR, one should not expect it a game that will keep you busy for weeks.

This was revealed by the Rocksteady’s Brand Marketing Producer, Dax Ginn, wherein he said that the core experience will be even shorter:

“The core narrative is about 60 minutes in duration, however additional content is unlocked that provides about another 90 minutes of gameplay on top of that. So there are plenty of reasons to play through the game multiple times in order to see everything that we have put into it,” said Dax Ginn.

The fact that many of the VR experiences will be a short title, or at least every single game session has a manageable length, among other things, is a result of the still quite heavy and poorly ventilated hardware.

Many players will probably first notice that they will not stand there playing for hours wearing the headset and they will take more breaks than previously as usual. In addition, many VR games are having a price much cheaper and partly from 10 dollars, but in the case of Batman: Arkham VR, the Standard Edition fails with 19.9 dollars that is available for purchase.

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Batman: Arkham VR will appear on 13 October 2016 and will be available for Sony’s VR headset for 6 months exclusively.