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Batman: Arkham Origins Developers Are Teasing A New Game

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Since the launch of Batman: Arkham Origins in 2014 we have known little about Warner Bros. Games Montreal. That said, it seems that everything will change soon or at least that is what makes us think of the insinuations of a creative and a voice actor.

What happens is that, recently, Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor who worked in Batman: Arkham Origins, made a comment on Twitter in which, sarcastically, he reveals that he is working on something new, but cannot speak about it.

“Super bummed to not be working on anything that I can’t tweet about right now because I can’t violate an NDA for something that I assure you does not exist. And isn’t a video game,” were the words of Craig Smith.

While that clue is obvious enough to think that something is cooking, the reality is that there is more. What we mean is that Ryan Galletta, who wrote Batman: Arkham Origins and Gary Miereanu, publicist for Warner Bros., responded in such a way that they seem to be involved with the project. So, it seems that it is a project of WB Monreal.

Remember that this is not the first time that leads to clues about a new WB Montreal game. In a piece of recent news, it was rumored that WB Montreal seems to be working on a DC Comics game.

And you, do you think we will soon see the new project of WB Games? Do you think it will be a Batman title or something else? Tell us in the comments below.