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Batman Arkham Origins developer plans to expand DC Comics Universe with new games

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Warner Bros Montreal, studio to whom we owe the perfected Batman Arkham Origins, is currently working on two big-budget games from the DC Comics universe.

The universe of DC Comics proves very rich in terms of possibilities of transpositions in video game. Batman Arkham license is an example of successful implementation, even if the last part, Batman Arkham Knight, has made ​​news about it’s because of its technical problems on PCs.

Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot
Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot

In parallel flaps developed by Rocksteady, the studio of Warner Bros Montreal had worked on Batman Arkham Origins, a component that ultimately brought very little interest in the series, particularly because of some innovative gameplay compared to its seniors. This studio however, tells us via its official website that it is working on two AAA games based on the DC Comics universe.

For now, the company has not specified the exact nature of these projects, but there are rumors about a new Batman Arkham game which would take place between facts made in Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City, and that a game based on Suicide Squad, whose film will arrive in theaters in 2016.