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Batman Arkham Legacy Next Game of WB Montreal, Features Multiple Playable Characters – Rumor

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Batman Arkham Legacy is the name that could be the new game of the Batman Arkham saga. The DC comic superhero starred a few weeks ago in its own international day in which suggestive details were revealed about the Dark Knight’s next appearance in video games.

Rumors about the next game of this popular character jumped a few weeks ago when Warner Bros Montreal published a tweet with strange symbols that pointed out that the title could be related to the mysterious Court of Owls.

Now, new information leaked according to a rumor brings that Batman Arkham Legacy will be the name chosen by the developer for this new installment of the saga. Few details have accompanied this information apart from that we could play with different members of the saga.

The information comes from Sabi, a leaker that already stood out by guessing everything about Bethesda, Nintendo and Microsoft would announce during their conferences in the past E3 2019. It is not an official source, but the previous predictions of this user could be under reliable sources.

The anniversary of the launch of Batman Arkham Origins will be this October 25 so maybe we could have an announcement about this new and rumored title. Regardless, the information revealed is only a rumor, so you have to take it with a pinch of salt, since there is nothing confirmed officially. We will be very attentive to details.

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