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Rumor: Batman Arkham Legacy Features Court of Owls, Game’s Title Could Also Change

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More information on Batman Arkham Legacy has surfaced, allegedly in development at WB Games Montreal. According to inside information, in the title of the rogue organization Court of Owls play an important role. In addition, the complete Bat family should be included in playable form.

According to current rumors, the team of WB Games Montreal is currently developing a new game based on the DC Comics, which is supposed to be the working title of Batman Arkham Legacy.

After there was already an insider’s hint that there should be several playable characters from the “Batman” universe, the insider now leaked further information.

The insider known on Twitter as Sabi hinted that Batman: Arkham Legacy is apparently just the working title of the upcoming game. Thus, the game could be brought under another name on the market.

The insider also tells us that the Court of Owls will play a role, according to his not very fresh information. Previously, Batman author Scott Snyder hinted that there should be a game in development in which the secret society and rogue organization Court of Owls is set to play a role.

On the subject of playable characters in Batman Arkham Legacy, the insider added that the entire Bat family should be playable. Depending on which comic universe the game builds on, that could be diverse characters. In addition to Batman, Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl and Batwoman could also appear as playable characters.

When the game for which platforms to be announced, the Leaker does not yet confirm. He believes, however, that the Game Awards would be a good opportunity for the announcement.

Since the information from WB Games Montreal has not commented yet, they should be treated with caution, so we will have to treat this news as a rumor. As soon as further details come to light, we will let you know.

The developers of WB Games Montreal have previously developed Batman Arkham Origins. What the Rocksteady Games developers are currently working on remains a secret.