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Batman Arkham Knight will not get PS4 Pro patch, Rocksteady “Hard At Work” on Next Project

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During a question-and-answer session on Reddit, Sefton Hill (co-founder of Rocksteady Studios) revealed that Batman Arkham Knight will not be updated to exploit the potential of PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Since the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro many developers have created special patch to improve the quality of its games taking advantage of the greater potential of the console. However, this is not the case with Rocksteady. The developer does not have a patch program for Batman Arkham Knight.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, the co-founder and creative director of the studio, Sefton Hill, talked about Batman: Arkham Knight, about the PS4 Pro support and the next project in the works.

“Unfortunately we are not planning a patch for PS4 (Pro) at this time (for Arkham Knight). I know that’s not what you want to hear but better to be honest”, Hill begins with this statement, and adds: “We’re very hard at work on our next project but we won’t be releasing the details for a while. When we do you guys will be first to hear as we want to get the community involved heavily in what we do next.”

After publishing Batman Arkham VR, the English studio decided to abandon the character of the Dark Knight to devote itself on new projects, according to some rumors, however, a new Batman game would be currently under development in the Canadian studios of WB Games.

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