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Batman: Arkham Knight retail-exclusive DLC download available soon

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After a leaked information on the Day-One Patch, there is another news about Batman Arkham Knight. This game is set to release on June 23rd and already it is bringing up a lot of surprises to the players. The first thing was the day-one patch that will add improvements and game fixes. Now there is also new information about the game that it is going to get a DLC that will be available after the game release. This new DLC is a retail-exclusive one. The game has different type of purchases. A Season pass will cost around $40, there is a separate premium edition that will bring a lot of more things with the regular one and that will cost around $100. As per source the DLC will be only sold with a few retailers. The DLC will surely add some new kind of quest or story in the game. But there is one shortcoming also. The DLC will be only provided to those who are having a Season Pass or a Premium Edition of the game. And DLC will be released on a timely basis. After the game releases, the game developer had promised to give new content every month that will be released for the next 6 months. So this DLC will be a part of the same thing.

There are lots of things that are still pending about the game. Like what would be the exact cost, what would be its different edition and content? We cannot rely on the leaked details. The day-one patch is under loop which might be released immediately after the game is out.

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