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Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Story Pack DLC Gameplay Trailer

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Batman: Arkham Knight is going to release this June 23 and soon after a few weeks of the release a new pack is all set to be released. It is called as Red Hood Story Pack DLC. A trailer is released that gives us a bit glimpse of this fascinating game below.

Red Hood Story Pack DLC, as the name says and as you can see in the trailer is playable but with a new character called Red Hood. Instead of Batman he might be the one who is dealing with the crime in the city but with some twist.

Red Hood Story Pack DLC is available on preorder. You can get that from GameStop website. As per our view this would be an interesting DLC to play. This is the first time in the series you will be in the shoes of Red Hood to deal with enemies. There will be similar stories and mission based on the Arkham Knight story line.

The trailer does not reveal much but you can see Red Hood with twisted mask dealing with different enemies. Things are going to remain similar to the game series such as using different moves to tackle enemies, using gadgets and a bit of crime scene investigation also. This pack is going to come on consoles and PC as well. The DLC has a story pack in the title; this clearly states that there will be ample of new mission to play. And there can be a new story line that would revolve around Red Hood. We can also expect to see Batman in some levels. Below you can check out the trailer of Red Hood Story Pack DLC: