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Batman: Arkham Knight PC Beta Patch released and later on pulled back

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A new beta patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC version was released first and then it was pulled back. This patch was for those who are playing the buggy edition of the game released earlier. The patch is going to bring a lot of performance enhancement in the game. This game released on PC had severe bugs in it. The game was not a great success on PC. There was news that the developer was working on the patch and it would add more performance and deliver a more stable output in Batman Arkham Knight. Also there were lots of enhancements in the game fps and the graphics properties which matters a lot. The game developer has promised to release the patch in the coming months. But yet that is also pending to release. The final PC version is still under a development process. It was pulled back before due to performance issue and amount was refunded to the players.

Batman Arkham Knight PC Beta Patch Pics
Batman Arkham Knight PC Beta Patch Pics

But yet a final stable version is not provided to the players. Below you can see a video that shows up the gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight with this beta patch played on PC. This patch was pulled out for some reason and nothing is still cleared why it was pulled. But in coming time there are chances that we might be getting a lot of new updates for the game that would make it more stable and better for OC users.  The game was released on 23rd June, 2015. And after that we had not seen much updates for the PC players. It looks like this is going to take quite a long time.

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