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Batman Arkham Knight Patch for PC alongside Nvidia download available soon

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Batman Arkham Knight is landed into huge controversy due to its poor performance. It was a highly expected game and it landed into a form of very poor performing series. It was quite sad for many fans when their system resources are unable to give stable output. Batman Arkham Knight is pulled back from Steam; Rocksteady is already in a process to rectify the issue.

Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot
Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot

In order to maintain their goodwill among players, Rocksteady is also accepting refund claims from buyers. But we hope that the game would get fixed and works really well like the other series. Batman Arkham Knight is facing major issue on the PC but on the console this game is performing well. For PC users it is still a dark time to get a working version of the game. Rocksteady is working on a patch that will appear on the PC for Nvidia gpu support. This might put major improvement in the game output.

But the patch date is not yet revealed. So we cannot really confirm what it is going to offer. As per tweets done by Rocksteady, they had kept their best developers to work on the game issues and will be giving out a working patch as early as possible. The PC edition will be available on Steam when it will be finally working well. This patch might help players to get proper working edition of their favorite Batman series. Rocksteady had also apologized for the problem, which claims that the issue might be somewhat very core in the game. And it would not be simple for them to tackle the issue.

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