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Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.08 download available now on PS4 and Xbox One

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Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.08 download is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The size of this new update is around 1GB. This update will add compatibility support for upcoming DLCs for Batman Arkham Knight. So it is a kind of essential update for the game. With this the game will also add some tweaks and fixes in the game.

Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot
Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot

It is also found that the new update will also let players to download the latest Story DLC in Batman Arkham Knight. This new Story DLC is GCPD LockDown. In this you can play as Nightwing and you will be dealing with the Penguin. The story features stopping Penguin from escaping the police station in Gotham City.

The size of the DLC is also around 1GB, so that means it won’t be having few minutes of gameplay only. Official patch notes are not yet released. So there is nothing much to say about what this new update will offer. But the patch will be coming soon so that you can download and test out a variety of new things. The update will also add new gadgets for Nightwing, Batwoman and Robin.

Below are some details about the leaked Patch Notes given here:

  1. Unannounced in the patch notes, update 1.08 has added additional gadgets for the non-DLC allies in their solo challenge maps.
  2. Robin has the Explosive Gel back (but not Quickfireable, for some reason), along with the Remote Hacking Device. He also has Batman’s Special Combo Batarang Shuriken move now, but it seems to be glitchy – holding L2 will always use up your Special Combo meter, but 80% of the time he just seems to throw a regular, non-explosive Shuriken. On the bright side, they’ve fixed the glitch that would cause the combo to drop if you Quickfired the Bullet Shield.
  3. Nightwing now has the REC (Quickfire L2 + Circle) and Voice Synthesizer, as seen in the trailer for GCPD Lockdown. He can also now use the Special Combo Batclaw and REC moves.
  4. Catwoman has her Caltrops back (Quickfire L2 + Circle). Riddler robots seem to be immune, though.