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Batman: Arkham Knight for PC download available until this Spring season

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There is a lot of speculation about Batman: Arkham Knight release for PC. Other news that came into limelight was now this game for PC will not be releasing until this spring season. This makes it one of the most delayed game of this year after its release. The game is having performance issues due to which it was revoked back and amount of the game was also refunded. Yet a new version is not planned. We were trying to track the actual release date. The game developer has not yet confirmed this. But as per some news sources the game will be pushed long back towards this spring season. But officially the game developer has said nothing about this. However, there are chances that in the coming months we might hear more about the PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman Arkham Knight Wallpaper
Batman Arkham Knight Wallpaper

The game is quite nice and performing well on consoles, but when it comes to PC the game has fallen a bit lower due to performance issue. Rocksteady studio on the other hand said that they are in the process to resolve the problem, but from their end we had not seen much effort. Rather they are working towards the console part offering new content in the form of DLC that we had already seen. For PC users still this is a kind of sad news since we are still waiting for the PC release of the game. Rocksteady has already faced a lot of loss after performance problem. And this might has postponed the idea of reworking on the PC edition and releasing the game early.

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