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Batman Arkham Knight August 2015 DLC “1989 Movie Batmobile” and “Bat-Family Skins” download soon available

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Two DLC’s for Batman Arkham Knight is all set for release in the month of August. They are 1989 Movie Batmobile and Bat-Family Skins. These two DLCs will add little new content in the game and the release will be in the next month. The DLC will be released on Xbox One and PS4. With that there might also be some more new future expansions coming up in this year.

Batman Arkham Knight August 2015 DLC 1989 Movie Batmobile and Bat-Family Skins
Batman Arkham Knight August 2015 DLC 1989 Movie Batmobile and Bat-Family Skins

These two DLCs will be available first for those who are having Season Pass. They can get both 1989 Movie Batmobile pack and Bat-Family Skins pack together. The 1989 Movie Batmobile pack is having skins for Batman and Batmobile. These skins are based on Batman movie released in 1989. The next pack is Bat-Family Skins pack which will be around 6 character skins in the game. This would be skins for CatWoman, Robin, Batman, etc. The release date of this DLC and cost is not yet revealed.

With this we are also trying to find a bit more details about the PC release of Batman Arkham Knight, which might be at the end of this month. But yet the developer has clarified nothing about the same. The game is quite impressive on consoles and having a few skins in the same will help gamers to play with character customization. Yet the game has not received any kind of huge DLC with new content. The game developer will also have to work on the PC issues that players have complained and yet it is not rectified.

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