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Batman: Arkham Knight – 1989 DLC Release Trailer with Future DLC

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Batman: Arkham Knight – 1989 DLC trailer is out that brings a lot of new things in the game. This trailer offers you a some additional content that introduce new levels and challenges in the game. You can use the Batmobile that appeared first time in 1989 in Batman movie. With this you also get a customized skin of Batman. This looks retro but pretty impressive in the game. With this the package comes with 2 additional race tracks. This tracks are taken from the movie Batman Returns. So that looks pretty impressive amount of content for the players. The race tracks will appear once you are done with completing drone tanks level in Arkham Knights. You can then use the Batmobile in the game. There is a short video on the same that you can see below and it is going to put more highlight on the same. With this there is also a skin pack that would be part of the DLC.

Batman Arkham Knight 1989 Movie DLC Image
Batman Arkham Knight 1989 Movie DLC Image

This pack will give you Bat-Family Skin which is already announced. There are around 6 Skins in the same that offer you to choose among different characters from 1990’s. This includes Robin and Catwoman also. The DLC is out for players. It will be first available for those who hold Season Pass. And then later on it will be available for others. Also there is more new content coming up for the game. They are:

  1. Crime Fighter Challenge Pack :- It is going to release on 1st of September that offers 6 AR challenges for different characters
  2. GCPD Lockdown that is going to release in the same month which would offer you plays Nightwing.
  3. Will be two more things one is 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack and second one is Original Arkham Batman Skin.