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Batman Arkham Crisis Story Details, Release Date and More Leaked

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More rumors arise about the new and much-expected video game of the Batman Arkham saga. After a series of leaks appeared at the end of last year, a new source begins to verify some of the details already commented, adding new elements to the already known information. Developed by WB Montreal, the new video game would be called Batman Arkham Crisis and would take us to a gigantic city of Gotham. The best? The title would come in October or November.

Batman Arkham Crisis would take more than two years in development, and would seek a global launch for this same year 2019. Following an announcement planned for March, the idea of ​​Warner Bros Interactive is that the title will arrive in October, specifically in the Halloween night, looking to establish a parallel with one of the most famous bat patterns, the long Halloween. Anyway, the editor has mentioned that the game could be delayed to November.

We are talking about a big budget game, which aims to be the Game of the year of 2019, thanks to its production values, its playable innovations and its presence in the media. It could be the most important launch of the developer, which seeks a weight in its portfolio in the style of Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor in terms of advertising, editions and promotions. Part of its appeal will be related to its size and ambition, as it is rumored that Batman Arkham Crisis will have a main story composed of 12-act story or chapters, each lasting just over an hour.

As we have been saying for months, it would confirm that the game’s plot would be inspired by the saga of The Court of the Owls, a secret and criminal organization that lives in Gotham from the very foundation of the city, and has been commissioned to direct in the shadow to the most dangerous unions of villains, infiltrating the highest spheres of society. It will be very complex, and will have multiple direct implications on the fate of Batman and his allies.

Something like this will happen with the secondary missions, more important, with their own storylines and away from the commissions and challenges of previous titles. There is talk of three hours of duration for each important secondary mission. In this aspect, the video game gets rid of Enigma’s challenges and will include very complex puzzles, up to 31 different, scattered around the city.

The city of Gotham will be huge. Betting on a day and night cycle, it will be about twice as large as Grand Theft Auto V’s mapping. While the Batmobile will be present, it will be the Batwing that takes over as the main vehicle, taking us from one side of the city to the other and serving as support in the fight in case of need. Another very important playable factor of Batman Arkham Crisis will be the cooperative, which will be present, but not integrated into the main story.

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