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Cory Barlog: In God of War, “We Cut A Lot of Bosses”

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The game director of God of War, Cory Barlog, revealed in a long interview how the project was initially even more ambitious and out of his mind, with a greater number of bosses.

God of War has seen the elimination of many bosses during development: originally the game should have been even more ambitious and crazier. This was revealed by the game director, Cory Barlog, during an in-depth study conducted by Noclip, which you will find in a video interview published at the bottom of this news.

“We cut a lot of bosses. A lot. We had so many more,” said Barlog. ” God of War was a much more ambitious, crazier game. And as you go through development, you start realizing, ‘No, it’s too big, we can’t do this.'”

“One boss takes like 30 developers a year and a half. It’s an absolutely massive scale when you really consider it, and you measure it against other games in which we finished the game in a year and a half.”

“It became a reality that some of these things will have to be cut,” continued the game director, revealing among other things that the trolls were not born to be bosses originally, but then the team has changed their mind.

God of War is available on PS4.