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Banjo-Kazooie for Switch Leaked on Amazon Germany

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The list of unannounced games in stores like Amazon is becoming increasingly common, but that does not surprise us less to see a new Banjo-Kazooie for Nintendo Switch and not for Xbox One.

This list is especially strange because the Banjo-Kazooie license belongs to Microsoft and the game appears only listed for Nintendo Switch. It is not ruled out that it is an Amiibo of this duo now that they have arrived for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as the size of almost all Amiibo listed is usually 200 grams and are usually in the accessories category. None of these requirements are met by this list.

Could it be a mistake of the shop by the rumors that in the last days have arisen on the arrival of the license to the hybrid console? It could be the case, but this is not usually how businesses proceed when including new products in their database.

The idea that Rare (or any other Microsoft studio) is working on a Banjoo-Kazooie for Nintendo Switch but not for Xbox One will definitely upset the players. Of course, do not forget that it can be a compilation of the classics that can be played on the Microsoft console thanks to the backward compatibility and the Rare Replay collection.

The truth is that we will have to wait for official information from Nintendo and Microsoft, studios that own the IP of this particular duo of Banjo-Kazooie. Another detail that makes you think that everything here is just a rumor because the game does not appear signed for Xbox One, something weird considering that they are the current owners of the franchise.