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Bandai Namco publishes a teaser trailer for a new game to be revealed on April 20

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Bandai Namco has released a short teaser trailer (along with a promotional artwork) of a mysterious new project that will be announced next week, more precisely on 20 April.

There is no need to say, Bandai Namco knows how to renew its catalog with experiences with different tones, its catalog ranging from racing games to RPG to adventure or FPS. So inevitably, when the publisher makes a teaser for a new project, there is something  to salivate.

Indeed, the company has now unveiled a strange video on its international social networks, with the phrase “Prepare to Dine”.

The image (which you can see above) is accompanied by the hashtag of #PrepareToDine, a parody of the famous “Prepare to Die”, a motto that the players of Dark Souls know very well.

Some see the aesthetics of references to Tokyo Ghoul or Death Note, others are already hoping for a new creation from  FromSoftware, but as it is, almost everything is possible. So, it could be new episode of a known saga, adaptation of a manga, or original license?

The style of the teaser would seem to suggest a negative answer in this regard but to know more we will necessarily have to wait until April 20.

What do you think about this new title? Do tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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