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Bandai Namco launches Slashy Souls, a Dark Souls themed mobile game

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Bandai Namco has announced a spin-off of the Dark Souls saga (developed by FromSoftware) for mobile version called Slashy Souls born of a collaboration with GameStop. The game will come to iOS and Android today, February 28, although there has been shown a gameplay video of its version for iPhone of how it will be.

Slashy Souls Screenshot

Slashy Souls is not directly connected to the popular franchise but will have many similar aspects of Dark Souls but framed in 2D action games and graphics in the style of the 16 bits. It will include a multitude of weapons, spells and leaders who will be very similar to those seen in Dark Souls.

According to the company FromSoftware it is not involved in the development of Slashy Souls. The dealer said that the game is inspired by the RPG franchise known for its difficulty, but actually has no relationship with the series for gaming consoles and PC.

Last September Bandai Namco Entertainment had trademarked four brands. Among them was also “Slashy Souls”, which now turned out to be a mobile title. The game story is no way in connection with the Dark Souls title. At the moment it is not known whether Slashy Souls will have an pay app or if it will be a free-to-play model.

On the other hand, the next installment of the franchise FromSoftware, Dark Souls III, will debut on April 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

To get an idea of the gameplay, you can see below the first gameplay video of the Slashy Souls game, courtesy of Polygon site.