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Bandai Namco Is Investigating Possible Bomb Threat Made at US Office

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The recent violent events in the United States and the campaign that weighs against video games, indicated by a sector of the political class and society as the cause of the shootings, have alerted some companies and a few moments ago it was reported that a bomb threat at the Bandai Namco offices in the US.

According to a report by IGN, the Bandai Namco offices received a bomb threat, a fact that alerted workers and company representatives, who have already initiated, together with the authorities, relevant investigations to determine if it is a real threat or just it was a very bad joke.

Although there is not much information in this regard, Bandai Namco acknowledged the fact and in a statement expressed the following: “We cannot provide any comment regarding the validity of the threat as there is an ongoing investigation in progress. We can say that all our employees are safe and that we will be doing everything in our power to safeguard the well being of our employees. ”

After the shootings that took place in different parts of the United States and that video games became the ideal scapegoat for this situation, the industry remained at the center of the debate and is surely the target of people who like to operate in anonymity, as happened with the recent threats of shooting against Twitch offices.

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