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Back From the Holidays

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The first working week of 2022 means that the developers are coming back from the holidays, back into the offices to continue to deliver the fan’s content and update the game with more bug fixes. Anyone who thought that the update would come last week was at the very least too hopeful. However, now it can be said with certainty – the CoD Vanguard 2021 mid-season 1 update is upon us. Surprisingly enough, the first development team to post news about the update was Treyarch, who is responsible for the Zombies mode, who came out on Twitter and announced the date for the update – Tuesday, 11th of January, 2022. Once again, experienced CoD players should know that this likely won’t be the entire update as separate clients usually get updated on different days. With that in mind, Vanguard will likely get its update on Tuesday as per the announcement, and Warzone is expected to get its own update somewhere around Thursday. And even though we’re still waiting on the actual patch notes (which are running late), we still have a few things that are confirmed to be released in the update. One of these confirmed things is the Welgun SMG – a new addition to the CoD Vanguard weapons. It will be interesting to see where this gun will land in the current meta. Another thing that’s confirmed is the new operator Isabella who will be available through a bundle. 


The Semi-Finalized Content Schedule- Back From the Holidays

But going back to the Zombies, we haven’t heard any leaks or anything like that, so it’s safe to assume that this game mode isn’t getting anything substantial or big. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the devs can’t take us by surprise and drop a new map without announcing it. Keeping that in mind, a good guess of what the mid-season update would actually consist of would be a new multiplayer map, a new weapon, and a new operator. As the season progresses and naturally comes to a conclusion with Season 2 on the horizon, we might start seeing some Cod Vanguard Warzone map changes. Besides, there are rumors of a possible Attack on Titan crossover event.

A lot of things that are broken need to be fixed. Some of these things have been in bad shape since the release of Season 1, whereas others are still festering in the game since its initial release. The Atomic challenges are one good example of that. As more updates roll out, the chances of these old problems being finally solved only increase. To continue fishing for updates, one could check out the official Trello board, where a new entry could be found for an XP event. The dates are set to Jan 13-17. This would be very useful and will help players to grind out the levels for the new weapon and progress through the BP even further. This is something that lf carry boosting service can help you with, but we’ll explain it a bit later once we get to this point further down the line. With all of that being said, the schedule for this week should look something like this (based on previous updates and their timings):

  • Monday – blog post with patch notes, trailer, season road map update.
  • Tuesday – more reveals the update 1.10 rollout.
  • Wednesday – the 1.10 continues to release in different parts of the world, the XP event, Warzone update release.
  • Thursday – Season 1 Reloaded launch, more XP boost events go live.

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Back From the Holidays

Like we said in the beginning, this is a long-expected release, as the fans have been dying to try new content since before the holidays. But as people get back to work and back to study, it’s safe to assume that not a lot of us will be able to spend enough time enjoying the patch. That’s why it would be a good idea to consider Vanguard boosting service. Recent CoD games thrive on the multiple progression systems, which have become increasingly more difficult in the latest installment. The new patch will only add things to the grind. Knowing about the increased XP rates this week, it is even more important to try and grind it as much as possible. Apparently, it comes down to choosing between playing a game to make progress in long-term goals and real-life duties. The CoD Vanguard rating won’t drop if you don’t play it, but live-service games thrive only if they are played by as many gamers as possible. Therefore, this is a choice no one should be forced to make. Don’t mean to state the obvious, but games are supposed to be a source of entertainment and have no obligations. On the other hand, it is not too difficult to understand why the developers are going all-in with the update – they want to keep as many gamers as possible in the game and try to lure back the ones who quit earlier. Based on this reasoning, it is up to players to decide what’s important to them in the current moment. However, smart gamers always find ways to bypass the unwanted hustle. What is meant here is that you can actually do both things and save yourself time by taking advantage of the new CoD Vanguard carry service. With it, you can continue to do what’s more essential to you while at the same time getting all of that juicy XP in the game at the same time.

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Back From the Holidays

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