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Axiom Verge on Epic Store Crashes Because of Missing File Called “Steam”

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Although it was well received by the gaming community on PC, the Epic Games Store has not been free of controversy and today it generated information about a problem that was presented in the game Axiom Verge, a title that was offered this week for free on the platform.

According to a report by PC Gamer, the players who decided to take advantage of the Axiom Verge gift at Epic Games Store encountered a major problem that cut their gaming experience; according to the information, when trying to play in the third level, the game crashed.

After the complaints began to arrive, both users, as Tom Happ, the creator of the game, realized that the cause of the problem originated in the modification of audio files at that level because, given its theme with sections of steam pipes, originally had the word “Steam”.

When confirming that this was the cause of the problem, Tom Happ acknowledged the error and informed that after concluding the agreement with Epic Games Store, he decided to remove any name that alluded to the Valve platform without considering that this could cause problems for the performance of the title.

However, Happ indicated to the players what they have to do to solve the problem of Axiom Verge and it will suffice to enter the AV section in the library, select the gear icon (gear), verify and update the game.