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Rumor: Avengers of Square-Enix Will Be an Avengers Ultimate Alliance

According to an unverified rumor that appeared on the pages of 4chan, the Avengers Project of Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be a reboot of Avengers Ultimate Alliance series that began in 2006 and continued with the second chapter published two years later.

According to the latest rumor, the title will present a gameplay halfway between that of Uncharted and inFamous (a likely hypothesis considering the presence of a veteran of Naughty Dog within the development team), while the story will tell of the split of the Avengers due to a catastrophic event (excluding, therefore, that we can speak of a Civil War-style story).

In addition, it is specified that the main protagonists of the game will be Iron Man, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch, but other superheroes will also be playable. Still, according to rumor, the narrative universe of the Square-Enix title will be shared with that of Spider-Man of Insomniac Games, which we remember to be on the final installment on PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018.

Below is the statement of the insider:

“The Avengers Project” is Avengers: Ultimate Alliance. But it’s not just Ultimate Alliance 3, it’s a full reboot with the name on it (think something like the new God of War, minus the story continuity: similar name, totally new gameplay/story structure). That’s the reason why the tagline of the first teaser was “Reassemble”, to hint at it being a reboot. This is also why the previous Ultimate Alliance games got uprezed recently for current-gen.

The game takes place from the perspective of multiple Avengers after a cataclysmic incident broke the team apart (think more Dissassembled than Civil War), but there are 3 which are the core focus: Captain America, Iron Man, and Scarlet Witch (who you heard in the trailer). They aren’t the ONLY playable characters, but they are the leads of the story. Gameplay wise think a mix between Uncharted and Infamous

It’ll also have connections putting it in both the same world as the PS4 Spider-Man game (that Sanctum Sanctorum appearance in still images was not just for fun), as well as Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Games wants in on that shared universe idea that have made the films literal billions of dollars.”

We would like to reiterate that nothing that is reported is the result of the official information. The rumor is currently without confirmation of any kind, we recommend for this reason to wait for any updates from Square-Enix, which may also arrive during the conference that the Japanese publisher will hold at E3 2018.

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