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Aussie’s Pride: 8 Jaw-Dropping Koala Facts That You Should Know

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Koalas are highly regarded as one of the native Aussie’s pride. This country’s favorite attraction can melt everyone’s heart, even the coldest one, due to its cute and feminine attributes. Koalas are not just famous in Aussie’s heart, but they are also popular with tourists from various parts of the world. However, people might not know some of the basic yet exciting facts about these lovely animals. It is vital to learn the fundamental facts about them as part of tourists’ attractions. To get you started, here are  some:

They Are Eucalyptus Leaves Eaters

This is one of the fascinating koala facts that you should know and share. Koalas can survive just by merely eating eucalyptus leaves found in their habitats, and even gain a kilogram a day. These leaves are considered a poison to some animals, and it is pretty superb how Koalas survive in eating them. Koalas have a unique organ called the caecum. This organ detoxifies the harmful chemicals found in the eucalyptus leaves. 

Koalas Can Be Found In Southeastern Eastern Parts Of Australia

Although these cute animals are Australia’s national symbol of unique wildlife, they can only be found in the country’s southeastern and eastern parts. The eucalyptus trees from the country’s native forest are the Koalas’ home. 

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They Can Sleep For 18 Hours In One Day

This is one of Koalas’ unique abilities. Koala can sleep for 18 hours in a single day without getting disturbed. This is due to the eucalyptus leaves they are eating. These leaves contain deficient nutrients, making Koala sleep for long hours to conserve energy. 

They Are Slowly Losing Their Homes

This is a sad fact. Koala are slowly losing their homes due to excessive deforestation in most parts of Australia. In New South Wales, massive deforestation cleared Koala’s primary habitats, leaving them nowhere to go. This forced them to spend their lives living in an awful ground while searching for some food and shelter. 

Sadly, Koalas became vulnerable to other animals and accidents. They even experienced harmful diseases such as chlamydia. It is unbearable to realize that human actions are the cause of their suffering. 

They Are Not Bears

Despite being commonly called “bears,” Koala really belong to Marsupials, a category of mammals typically considered poached mammals. Their babies are born immature and will be developed inside the safety of their pouch. Thus, it is inappropriate to classify and call them ‘Koala bears.’ They are simply ‘Koalas.’ 

They Are Mostly Nocturnal

Did you know that Koalas are most nocturnal? This means that they are fully awake at night and asleep during the entire day. Although there are still Koala who sleep at night, most of them are inactive during the daytime and sleep for about 18 to 20 hours.  

A Mature Male Koalas Secretes Sticky Substance

A mature male koala exudes a sticky substance from his dark scent gland located in his white chest’s central part. Male Koalas intentionally rubs this substance on trees to mark his territory to other Koala. 

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They Have Similar Fingerprints To Humans

Koala have fingerprints that are almost similar to humans, and it may be difficult to differentiate the two fingerprints. Other than this, Koalas can also snore as loud as humans. In fact, mature male koalas can make a loud call during the whole breeding season. 

Takeaway of Koalas

Indeed, Koala are lovely creatures. They serve as one of the remarkable tourist attractions. However, we should also be fully aware of their situations. They do not just merely exist for melting everyone’s heart or making their jaw drops; they play a vital role in our ecosystem.