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Attract attention to your stand with exhibition walls

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Will you be at the trade fair soon to promote your product or service? Then of course it is important to attract attention to your stand out from the competition. You do this by presenting yourself in a distinctive manner. An exhibition wall (translation: beurswand) can play a major role in this. Discover various types of exhibition walls and other tips to stand out at the fair.


XXL roll-up banner

Do you (still) not have that much to spend or do you need a wall at the last minute? Then the XXL roll-up banner is the ideal option. This is a super large roll-up banner of 200 x 300 cm. The material of the banner is 510 grams bisonyl. The advantage of the XXL banner is that it stands within 2 minutes. In addition, you can set the banner at three heights. In short, ideal as a presentation or photo wall at a fair. You can also use it to support a large stand at the entrance of your stand. 

Pop-up wall 

The pop-up wall is multifunctional because you can use the case in which the wall is transported as a counter. This means that you do not need to purchase a separate exhibition desk. A pop-up wall is a mobile exhibition wall that you can set up in no time. The magnetic plates are pressed against the magnetic plates in the frame. The shape is slightly curved. You can choose from several sizes of pop-up walls. 

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Zip wall

The zip wall is a frame around which you stretch a polyester fabric. You can then close it with a zipper. The result is a sleek exhibition wall. The frame is available in different shapes and sizes. 

Do you already have a system? Then order a loose print

For all systems it is possible that you can order separate prints. This way you can reuse the system more often. 

Give something tangible away!

Do not forget to also give away something tangible to your customer. For example, have leaflets printed? When your customer takes the brochure home, he or she will think of your organization again. The chance is greater than the customer will return to you to purchase a product or service. 

Are you selling products at your booth, such as games or merch? Then wrap them in tissue paper (translation: vloeipapier bedrukken)  in a bag. This way of packaging surprises your customers. You can print on tissue paper with a design of your choice.