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Attack on Titan Multiplayer Mode Unveiled

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Yesterday we could see some new videos of Attack on Titan, and now Koei Tecmo revealed more details about the multiplayer online cooperative mode where four players can join together to eliminate Titans.

Attack on Titan Screenshot

The game based on the most successful anime’s today, Attack on Titan, will have multiplayer, as unveiled today by the publisher Koei Tecmo. According to the company, four players can participate simultaneously, adding the forces to destroy the human-eating giants.

So, Scout Mode will be the online section, where you and your other three team-mates will start the game in a camp, a place that will be useful to upgrade your equipment, change costumes and prepare the necessary resources for the battles.

The group leader will be responsible for selecting the mission that the entire team must complete; this includes iconic anime scenarios, such as Giant Forest trees, the City in Ruins and Stohess District.

Also, you should know that eliminating Titans will give materials to upgrade your tools, from the three-dimensional equipment maneuvers through your weapons. Whether you play alone or with other friends, you get all kinds of items that will help you to prepare for the next battle.

Attack on Titan will debut on August 30 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC.

The game is based on the first season of the anime of the same name, which in turn is based on the manga. It’s universe is extremely rich and full of creative ideas, which, if well used and implemented, will make this an epic game. The next season of Japanese drawings is confirmed for 2017, so while we do not see the Anime, we can have fun playing Attack on Titans well in the stylish way.