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Attack on Titan 2 Gets New Free-for-All Expulsion Mode

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This week, Koei Tecmo released a new free update for Attack on Titan 2 that adds a free-for-all Expulsion mode, where players must compete for more points by eliminating titans.

So, this new feature is called Expulsion Mode and the studio indicates that it is “a competitive mode of Battle Royale”, where a maximum of 6 players will compete to eliminate as many titans as possible in 4 minutes.

Although players cannot attack each other, they can steal opportunities to defeat the titans or use game elements to obstruct other users.

“If you destroy Titan body parts before eliminating them, you can gain more points, so try to get as many points as you can by targeting other parts before aiming for the nape,” the description says. “But there will also be risk of the targeted Titan being taken over by your opponent, so be careful while you concentrate on one.”

Previously, the studio added the Predator Mode. At the same time, the Predator Mode of Attack on Titan 2 will not only face the Titans with ordinary humans, there will also be lines of military defense that will do everything possible to stop them. It is important to mention that in case the soldiers finish with a Titan, the player who controls it will lose a significant number of points.

Attack on Titan 2 debuted on March 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. In addition, Koei Tecmo will add more content in May.

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