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Atom Universe demo download available for PS4

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Sometimes the best surprises of life are the ones you do not expect – but we’d like to think before describing Atom Universe as a shock pleasant. Suspiciously released on the European PlayStation Store today virtually no advertisements, this is the next-gen social hovel so desired since PlayStation Home was closed down last week – except that it is currently single player and much work in progress.

To be honest, we have no idea why this exists or Sony has allowed the release. Sample of a much larger project currently on Kickstarter, this one Atom Universe sees you take control of an avatar and explore a theme park. You can get in touch with any of the other people present and played with the Unreal Engine 4, shake their hands or greet them.

Clearly, this shows how the experience will be final when the world will be populated with other players online – without insults and horny teenagers who sling towards each female avatar like a swarm of bees. There is a Ferris wheel in which you can enter, but with a quick press of the Circle button you will see darting to the ground. Do not worry, there is no concept of death in this cheerful afterlife.

Being a spiritual successor to PlayStation Home, there are many areas on which to give the best, virtually speaking. You can dance using a less, among other things. To be honest, the animations look much better than those seen in PlayStation Home, so if you are looking for a dance game in common then you will be happy.

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There is also a mini-game to shoot in this demo, which looks nice but does not really have a purpose again. And that’s it for Atom Universe for now, apart from a ball that you can kick around awkwardly. Ignore the artistic direction of inspiration of London Studio and some nice lighting effects – but this is one of the few positive things that we can say so far.

Sony claims that there will be a couple of mini-games of motor racing available when the project will be launched in a final, and will be complemented by additional content bimonthly. It also seems that developers will provide (and then to the community) the tools they need to create new spaces, attractions, and clothes.

Atom Universe has had a team of six people, and with 100 years of development experience between them, it seems unlikely that it will ever be able to become the Second Life of Sony. Having already received funding of £20,000 on Kickstarter, so maybe they are unnecessary worries, but the point has to be made.

We’ll see how things go in the end, anyway PlayStation Home has certainly a community of fervent fans. Download single player demo Atom Universe for Europe from here and also for North America region from here.