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Rumor: Atlus Could Be Working on Catherine Sequel or Remaster

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In the last few hours, a rumor has circulated on the web which indicates that ATLUS is working on a new project of Catherine. The interesting thing is that everything seems to indicate that it is a new version of a title of its catalog for PlayStation 3.

This information comes from Ryokutya2089, a site that usually leaks information that will be published in Japanese magazines. According to the source, it could be a remastered version of Catherine that will present additional elements. Unfortunately, it was not possible to verify this information.

It is important to note that Ryokutya2089 clarified that the reason why he thinks it is remastered version because the name of the project is not accompanied by a number. In addition, the site mentions that, by the way they described it, it seemed to be a “complete” version of a PS3 release; however, it seemed strange to the site that the original release did not receive downloadable content.

Also, the report indicates that it is a launch on which there were rumors for months. Finally, it is expected that its disclosure will be at the end of the year.

If we check the ATLUS catalog for PlayStation 3 and connect the dots, everything seems to indicate that it is a new version of Catherine. We say this because some time ago the company gave clues that seemed to indicate that this title will be back. In addition, it is a release that did not receive downloadable content.

We remind you that this information has not been confirmed by any official source, so it is better that you take it as a simple rumor. That said, your opinion interests us, so tell us, what kind of project would you like ATLUS to be working on? Would you like Catherine to be back?