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Atlus Wants to Know If Players Want Persona 6 on Switch, PC, PS4, or Other Platforms

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Every year, Atlus launches a survey in which it seeks to know the opinion of its fans regarding different topics. On this occasion, the company asked the players whether they want Persona 6 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 or other platforms.

According to reports, one of the questions that stands out in the Atlus survey refers to the interest in the title of the following games: a Person FPS; a fighting game of Persona 5; Persona 6; a Persona strategy title; a Persona Action RPG; a Persona board game or a Person online RPG. Later Atlus asked fans to indicate if they would like to play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, smartphones or PC.

In addition, the survey asks fans to say which title they want a remake to have. Among the options are all the main titles of Persona (yes, even Persona 5), Shin Megami Tensei: Nine, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.

Before you get too excited it is important to clarify something: this survey is a market study. That is, it does not necessarily reflect an interest of the distributor in bringing Persona 6 to Switch or PC, it simply seeks to have an idea of ​​the market that exists on these platforms.

In other news, ATLUS recently revealed that Persona 5 has already distributed 2 million copies, so this JRPG can be considered as a success. On the other hand, we think you ‘ll be interested to know that Persona’s anime already has a release date for Japan.

And what about you, would you like Persona 6 to come on Switch or PC? What kind of game would you like Atlus to develop?

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