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Atlus is possibly teasing Catherine Sequel

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On the occasion of the streaming of “Golden Employment Special”, through which Atlus announced the start of the recruitment campaign for new employees for Studio Zero, the Japanese company made several references to a likely sequel to Catherine.

Yesterday at night, Atlus Japan held a livestream to look for new staff to add to Studio Zero, responsible for the Persona series. During the broadcast, the game Director and Producer Katsura Hashino repeatedly referred to Catherine, title released in 2012 and welcomed by audience and critics.

In addition to the presence of the character of Trisha, other clues could be hidden in the name of the show, or rather “Golden Employment Special”, probably referring to the Golden Playhouse broadcast used just as an incipit for Catherine’s story.

According to reports, the broadcast was opened and closed by two messages from Midnight Venus, one of the puzzle game characters released a few years ago on PS3 and Xbox 360, the second of which it would mean – in a joking manner – that the protagonist of any game might be her.

According to many, therefore, with this livestream, Atlus somehow revealed the existence of a sequel to the game, although at this time there is only a lack of confirmation of a Catherine Sequel title.